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School Dinners

We recommend and encourage all children to have our healthy school dinners.

If you think you might be eligible for free school dinners you can either contact the school office for more information or click the following links:


Currently, due to COVID, we are making regular changes as we are working off a limited menu.  The items on the menu are based on cold and hot sandwiches.  We will notify parents when the menu changes and regularly update the order forms and food options.  Children can still bring their own packed lunch in if they wish to.

All packed lunches provided by the school include 4 items.  These consist of:

Choice of Sandwich, fruit or vegetable pot, yoghurt, dessert (homemade cake or biscuit) and a bottled drink (flavoured or non flavoured water).


The only snack we allow to be brought in to school for eating at break time is fresh fruit. This is provided free to all children up to Year 2.  The only drink we allow is milk (provided free to children up to age 5 and those pupils in receipt of Free School Meals) and water/flavoured water.  Pupils need to provide their own water bottles which they are responsible for – including keeping them clean. 


Shamrock Diner Hot food menu CR-Year 6

Please click here to find allergen information about the food we provide.

Please click here to find allergen information about the packed lunches we provide from September, 2020.